Rio VideoWall

A grant from Georgia Tech’s Digital Integrative Liberal Arts Center will support the development of a course module on public art and site-specificity, centered around a project to digitally archive oral histories related to pioneering video artist Dara Birnbaum’s now-lost Rio VideoWall (1989), and plan for the artwork’s digital recreation. Birnbaum’s VideoWall was the first multi-screen video artwork to be installed in a public setting in the United States. It employed twenty-five identical 27” video monitors, stacked in a five-by-five grid, powered by 8 LaserDisc players and proprietary computer code written specifically for the piece. But the VideoWall was not only noteworthy for its technological innovation; it was also significant for the site that served as its inspiration and eventual home: The Rio Shopping Complex, a mall in Atlanta’s Old Fourth Ward. Combining scenes of the site’s natural landscape from before the mall’s construction with an unedited live-stream of CNN footage, all filtered through the moving silhouettes of mall patrons in real time, the VideoWall presciently interlaced a number of ideas that continue to resonate in the 21st century, including the 24-hour media cycle, surveillance culture, the legacy of segregation, the effects of gentrification, and the Anthropocene.

Handmade Online

An online guide to the people, practices, and philosophies of handmade cinema.

Inner/Outer Space

Taking its name from works by Andy Warhol and Robert Breer, Inner/Outer Space presents a live video mix exploring the space race and psychedelic consciousness expansion. The A/V journey brings together interstellar NASA footage with abstract depictions of interiority via the films and videos of Stan Brakhage, José Antonio Sistiaga, Adam K. Beckett, Jim Davis, Ture Sjölander, Elias Romero, and others.

Featuring a live musical score by Brooklyn electro/acoustic folk-psych masters Christian Science Minotaur.

Sea Ray

The orchestral rock band I co-founded and played guitar for. You may have heard our music on this Coca-cola ad. You can hear us on Spotify.

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